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Summer School Student Information System Overview

Summer School SIS is a web-based Student Information Management System (SIS) designed specifically for BOCES Summer School programs in New York State. It simplifies the collection, analysis, and reporting of student information, classroom data, and student performance data in the BOCES Summer School Programs. It enables everyone to make better data-driven decisions and become more involved in improving student performance.

This innovative software is the first of its kind in the market. Due to the lack of such tools, many BOCES have to resort to other software such as PowerSchool (Apple), which are designed for the regular schools and districts. The unique business requirements at BOCES demand functionalities such as district-based data reporting, district-based student data collection and analysis, and district billing, which these programs cannot offer.

Enter Summer School SIS, an innovative tool to promote student success. It supports a smooth workflow to streamline the activities among BOCES, Districts, teachers, parents, and students. BOCES staff uses it to manage class and exam scheduling, access student performance data in real time, and get timely information to make more effective decisions. Districts coordinators register students for classes and exams, manage student data 24x7, and access report cards. Teachers reduce the workload with online attendance, grade book, and class reporting tools. Parents track their children’s grades and attendances any time (not developed yet). Students can view their progress and be more accountable for their performance (not developed yet).

Even with the impressive power of Summer School SIS, this web-based tool is easy to use and easy to maintain. It is platform independent and can be accessed from the user’s web browser. System installation, upgrades and fixes are done on a centrally located server, which reduces the total cost of ownership and IT maintenance.

The potential of Summer School SIS doesn’t end here. It is designed to accommodate multiple BOCES using a common database and code base, which enables statewide data collection, analysis and reporting. With customizations, Summer School SIS can be used in other states with similar business scenarios. It can also be customized to be used in other similar programs such as after-school program, Career and Tech Education, etc.

To learn about Summer School SIS pricing, and to try the product for free, just e-mail or call Oliver Berman at Oliver_Berman@caboces.org or 716-376-8360.